Surviving Germany Revisited

It’s been 34 months since I left Germany, and now I have a chance to coming back.  Yes, I’ll be back to Germany.  This time for my PhD study.  I think, readers of Surviving Germany know how much I would want to continue my study to PhD, and since I also enjoyed my life in Germany, a PhD in Germany would be perfect.  So here it is, I am living my dream.

I know the chance is bigger for German alumni to have scholarship for continuing study in Germany.  In my case, I think my spending portfolio plays significant role in getting accepted by the scholarship agency (DAAD).  I never hesitate to spend my scholarship money for football matches, concerts, or unplanned shopping; or in my words: helping German economy.  So the money stays in Germany, or at least, Europe; and I am willing to do it again ;)

And just like before, I’ll start writing my adventure here.  This blog is officially re-launched.  So keep checking for updates.  My adventure will start on August 1st, 2012 :)


Ignatius Sapto Condro Atmawan Bisawarna said...


S O F I A said...

pembaca setia akan segera memantau.. :)) miss you so much, tante..!!

Anonymous said...

pembaca setia akan segera duduk menunggu.. miss you so muach, tante..