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I had an unfortunate event before going to Germany.  My camera was broke and if I wanted to repair it at the official service center, it would take more than a month!  So I had to buy new camera, the question is where?

My options for buying camera were three: in Jakarta, in Doha (where I transit), or in Berlin.  The good points in buying in Jakarta, the variety of products is high and cheaper.  Well at least for Canon brand like I used to have.  When I compared the products from the Canon Indonesia website to Canon Germany website, Indonesia has newer series and the prices are also cheaper.  So if I buy it in Germany, not only more expensive, but if something happened while I am in Indonesia and need to repair it, it may take a long time also since the product is out of date.

But then when I thought about buying in Doha, there might be a chance that the price is even cheaper than in Indonesia.  My brother who lives in Saudi Arabia said that there is no tax in the Middle East, so the price for electronic is cheaper.  In this point, I decided to buy a new camera in Doha.  I would have 3-hour transit time, so it should be enough for browsing and buying. 

So I set my mind to buy a new camera in Doha airport while transiting.  I didn’t waste my time to look around the duty free shop, I went directly to the electronic section and looked for camera.  Buuuuut…  The place is not as I imagined, the camera section is small and the products were a few.  Not many options.  And even, the available products were older series than in Jakarta.  I felt so disappointed…  Now I really don’t have an option, I have to buy it in Germany… [sigh!]

So there I was, having no option but to buy a new pocket camera in Germany, which would be expensive.  On my third day I browsed the famous electronic shop called Saturn.  But to my surprised, apparently the price is cheaper!!!  For example, the price of Canon Ixus 500 in Indonesia is € 304,82 while the official price in the website is € 329.  But the price in Saturn is € 239!!!  Isn’t that weird???!!!

Yes, not all the new series were there but at least I can find one product that available both in Indonesia and Germany.  Then I thought, “Why don’t I browse more, to find the suitable camera for me.”  So I asked the customer service about camera that can be used underwater.  The reason was, although I wouldn’t dive in Germany because it’s too cold and nothing to see, underwater camera means it can sustain weather shock.  So if I use it in the cold weather of Germany and then I bring it to the tropic of Indonesia, the camera can still performs well.  Underwater pocket camera nowadays can be used to 10 m depth.  It’s not really suitable for my diving needs, but my broken one has casing that can go to 40 m.  I hope when I need to use it sometime, it already fixed (I asked my brother to find a good camera service store).

Anyway, so I was directed to the underwater pocket camera section and saw my options there.  There were more than 10 options available from various brands.  I observed them carefully and found 5 models that suit my needs, they are (from the most expensive to the cheapest):
1.     Pentax Optio WG2
2.     Canon D20
3.     Nikon Coolpix AW100
4.     Olympus TG820
5.     Fuji Finepix XP150

After I saw those, I didn’t decide directly.  I went home to browse all the products from the Internet.  I read and watched the pros and cons about the products.  In addition, I also talked to my friend who learns photography.  And in the end, I finally chose… (drum roll)… Nikon Coolpix AW100!!!

My new pocket camera

So I went to the electronic shop and just grabbed the Nikon box without hesitate.  I directly went to the cashier, but when I was lining up, I noticed a small writing on the left corner of my Nikon box.

Nikon Coolpix AW 100 - Made in Indonesia

Oh My God!  Why would I travel a long way just to buy something from my country…!

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