Indonesian Community

Indonesians like to gather.  We even have a principle that says mangan ora mangan kumpul which means “eating or not at least we gather”.  So it’s not surprising if even in the foreign country, we still flock together or try to find other Indonesians.  People who want to stay abroad for long time like me, will try to find any existing Indonesian community.  This is like a normal SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Indonesians.

The main benefit of joining the community is of course we can get help.  It’s not such a secret if students like me like to come to a gathering event for having free Indonesian foods.  Of course in return we also have to help others, but this is just a karma circle: you got help and then you help others.

Facebook page of Indonesian community in Bremen

The thing is, I thought this behavior is just normal. People from other countries will do the same.  Apparently I was wrong.  In my German class, there are students from nine countries from Asia and Eastern Europe, but only me who do the search for people from our home country.  They are not familiar with the system.  Hmmm…

So for example, most of our problem now is finding an apartment for our study later (after the German course).  They, of course, search in internet, but in my case, I have asked the Indonesian community in Bremen and now I have few offers.  And if worst-case scenario happened, I could just go to Bremen and crash to an Indonesian home for awhile.  Indonesian community rocks!


Oriflame Depok said...

A Very helpful blog, hope you post more and frequently , I ve plan to work in Germany in few years. Thanks for the useful information :). Nice to meet you

asti said...

Hi Oriflame Depok!

Nice to know that you found this blog useful. All the best for your preparation to Germany :)

bhante dhammasayo said...

I just added them, Well see what happens and as an Indonesian Buddhist monk in Berlin it is great for me to meet my fellow Indonesians in Berlin that would be nice.

Namo Buddhaya

bhante dhammasayo said...

Namo Buddhaya,

I'm happy to had found a group of fellow Indonesian people here in Berlin, And thinking as Buddhist monk id be the only Indonesian Buddhist in Berlin.

Well it is helpful

With Metta,

Bhante Dhammasayo

Anna said...

Hi Mbak Asti,
Just wondering are you still living in Bremmen at the time?
I am still Indonesia but planning to relocate to Stuttgart, not soon, but would be nice to have a contact there.
Thank you and have a nice day :)

asti said...

Hallo Anna!

Aku sebentar lagi mau pindah ke dekat Stuttgart. Jadi mungkin malah bisa sering ketemu. Tulis aja kontakmu (email ato FB), nanti akan kuhubungi langsung dan gak akan kupublikasikan.

regina luna said...

Hallo... saya baru pindah ke berlin dari bandung. Apakah ada yg tinggal sekitar schoneberg?

Dewi said...

Hello Asti en Anna,

Aku baru pindah ke Ludwigsburg, north Stuttgart. Kalian masih di Stuttgart?


asti said...

Halo Dewi!

Aku masih tinggal di BW, tepatnya di Bad Teinach - Zavelstein. Tulis aja email ato nomor whatsapp, nanti kuhubungi tanpa harus dipublikasikan.

enik rutita said...

Hallo mbak mas . Minta gabung dong . Aku tinggal di stuttgart kali ini baru trip ke 2 aku ke sini aku baru tinggal 4 bulan. Pengen gabung dan tukar information dong mbak dan mas. Salam kenal dari enik.

asti said...

Halo Enik!

Selamat datang di Stuttgart. Ini hanya blog pribadi, bukan blog komunitas. Kalo mau cari komunitas Indonesia, coba aja cari di Facebook. Masukkan saja kata kunci 'Indonesia' dan 'Stuttgart'. Semoga berhasil.