My Accommodation in Berlin

I have to stay in Berlin for 2 months for having German language course.  Although my study will be in English and I have lived in Germany, still I have to take the course as part of the scholarship requirements.

Of course I am not saying that my German is good enough, I even consider myself as “can’t speak German” but the thing is I know how to survive in Germany so I don’t think 2 months course will improved my language skill.

The Distance
Anyway, so here I am now in Berlin.  My accommodation is provided by the language school.  The problem is, it’s located in suburb area far away from the language school.  My place is right across IKEA, even the view from my window is IKEA building.  Well, IKEA location is the sign of how far it is; IKEA always located in suburb area, never in city center. 
The view from my window

Before I came to Germany, the language school sent us the address of the accommodation.  Based on it, I tried to find a way to go there by using public transportation.  But my finding was pretty shocking; from Tegel, Berlin airport I have to take bus for 14 stops and then continue with tram for 17 stops!!!  Oh My God, that could be the end of the world…  Sooo, considering my luggage (See Excess Baggage), I even felt tired already when dragging my luggage to the exit door, I’d better take a taxi.  I knew it would be a long journey, but still when the taxi kept going, I was afraid that the driver fooling me around, driving around in circle to raise the fare.  Fortunately that was not the case, he took me straight as requested (I know this because my friend who took a cab also got the same fare). 

After I arrived at my accommodation, I tried to survey the language school by using public transportation.  It took around 45 minutes to reach it by using tram, train, and walk.  And suddenly I had this big-city shock, I felt like commuters of Jakarta who have to go very early to their office.  Of course I am just exaggerating it, commuters of Jakarta even take hours of uncertainty in the traffic.  What I have in Berlin is incomparable to Jakarta.  But even as Jakarta citizen, I hardly travel far.  I always go to nearest school, market, mall, hospital, etc.  I even tried to look for a job nearby my home!  So yeah, this commuting experience is somehow new to me…

The Apartment
My accommodation is an apartment.  I got a room on a fourth floor.  The building looks old like from the 80s but in Europe, most of the buildings are old.  The room is also old-fashioned, but it’s big, I guess it is an apartment for family.  It has 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, and 1 bathroom. 

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have Internet!  Can you imagine?  This is the capital city of a developed country, and the room doesn’t have Internet either in LAN or Wi-Fi???  I guess this building is some remains from the World War II or something…
My bedroom in Berlin

Luckily, a USB Internet stick was provided by the language course.  Or else I am sure the students will complain harshly about it.

My bathroom in Berlin
My bedroom after a week
My kitchen in Berlin

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