In the end of April towards May, the weather becomes warmer and nicer. The sun shining everyday and the temperature can reach 26 centigrades. Although it’s still colder than average temperature in my city where I come from, but since I have been through the winter time here, that temperature is surely very hot now.

Surprisingly, the sky is very clear, no clouds; something that rarely happen in Bremen. And I think, we even don’t have rain for the last 2 weeks!!! What a very nice time!

Outdoor activities like sunbathing, having BBQ, playing football, etc can be seen everywhere. People really enjoy their time, they look happy.

For me, finally I can dress up like my normal dress in Indonesia: light shirt with Capri pants and sandals. Funnily, since I haven’t use my sandals for a long time, now it feels awkward to me in wearing them :(

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