This is a small town near the border of Germany. I go there just for transit because I have to change trains from Bad Bentheim to Bremen, as I try to travel in cheapest way.

I have to wait there around 30 minutes and that time, it was Sunday. First, I thought I’ll end up dead in boredom as this town doesn’t even exist in my map. But I am glad that I am wrong. Outside its small station, there’s a monument of an old train, complete with old train shower, old lamp, and old information post. So interesting!

And across the street, there’s 1 café and 1 small restaurant. They both open in Sunday!!! And not far from there, like 1 minute walk, there’s larger open air café that also open in Sunday. I think if I explore more, I could find many more interesting places to kill the time. Well, probably the town is aware of this situation; where many people have to wait for changing train. That’s why they keep open in Sunday.

I think I kinda regret that I only have 30 minutes there.

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