Flirty European

So far, I think Italians are flirtier than Germans. At least, according to my experiences.

In my first experience, it’s even come from Italian girl! Well maybe the word ‘flirty’ is not proper. But let’s see… When I was traveling to Frankfurt, once I buy a hot chocolate in a small café. There’re one waiter and one waitress. The waitress, she’s Italian, try to talk to me. She asked where I come from and what do I do in Germany etc. When she found out that I am Moslem, then she called the waiter: an Egyptian guy. After that, she tried to matchmaking us!!! She forced him to ask my cellphone number and email!! In the other hand, she asked me whether I can come again to the café later after it closed!!! Oh My God, I just want to buy a hot chocolate, I don’t need any boyfriend as a bonus…!!!!

In the second one, it’s in Bremen. This time it’s in ice cream shop. The waiter, again, is Italian. After I get my ice cream and ready to pay, I asked how much should I pay. He answers, “It’s 1.20 because I love you”. So I give him the money and say, “Here’s 1.20 and I love you too!”



Admin said...

lol maybe he never was in love or he dont pay much attention in this words, but i guess he say it to every girl

Anonymous said...

hey guys, im in to one guy he is obviously German hot guy we work together and i know him for 3 2 month or so, we had conversation about sport and training and so on he was quit active such as asking me question and always look in to my eye which is killing me his eyes ! anyways last week he finished work same time as me and i went in bathroom and changed my shirt and took my bag out of locker and he had his bag next to mine and i just commented on it i turned to put my shirt in my bag and he took his shirt off hid body i was WOW but turned really fast im shy :D it shocked me coz he usually goes in the bathroom , before i left my friend asked me if i was working next days i said yes 6 am and he was there, im going at 6am next day and i see his name badge in his locker and locker is open i took badge and i have it with me i dont know if i should give it to him and have conversation or just put back to his locker or just dump it ????