Wremen, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven

No, I don’t mistype it. It’s Wremen not Bremen. It’s just a small place in Cuxhaven. According to Wikipedia, Wremen is a municipality while Cuxhaven is a district.

I went there for excursion study under Coastal Geomorphology course. We’re visiting tidal flat, ex-salt marshes, and dykes. It’s a very nice excursion especially the weather is friendly. It’s a bright sunny day.

First we have to struggle in muddy coast. Sometime we got stuck, sometime we can slide on it. Nobody got fall down, but surely our pants are a bit dirty. Me, I got water in my right boot.

Tidal Flat Pilgrims

Then we go to dykes that build for protecting coastal community. The salt marshes that present before become prairie.

At the end of the journey, we visit Bremerhaven, a port town near Bremen. Nowadays, this town wants to be the biggest container port in Germany. The tidal flat areas are gone replaced by concrete flat. Hey, I am not against it. I just have a nice video presentation about it.


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Felicitaciones por tu blog, muy lindo Alemania.



Anonymous said...

My mother is from Wremen. She married a U.S. military man. I am an American, half German - living in USA. I visited Wremen many times with my mother until I was 15 years old, (ie. 1979) usually for a month or two at a time. I remember well the mud flats that would exist when the tide went out, and how we kids would go walking on them. We usually sank in mud up to our knees. It was Fun!! You come back covered in mud and wash off at the shower that is on the beach.

We also spent lots of time in Bremen, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven.
Anonymous reader, December 21 2015

asti said...

Halo German American person!

Thanks for sharing your memory here :)