Although sometime I have to make presentation in some courses, but it never graded. It’s just a part of exercises. But there’s one particular subject called ‘Presentation’ where the students have to make presentation and graded.

The topics for presentation are provided, but student can also choose its own topic. In this case, I go with my own from my previous working experience regarding coral reef status in Aceh after the Tsunami.

During presentation, the student is given 20 minutes to present and then followed by questions session. Since all the classmates trying to be nice to each other, they won’t ask anything or just asking simple things. It’s your supervisors who will ask you tough questions. After 10 minutes of questions session, you’ll be examined by the supervisors. And at the end, the supervisors will comment on your performance and graded it.

I feel like joining American Idol cause I have to choose a topic, present it, and then graded. It’s like choosing the right song for you to sing, then sing it in your own style, and at the end the judges will comment about your performance. Sometime the judges like it, sometimes they don’t. In the end, it’s a matter of taste. What matter the most is how you feel when you present it, are you comfortable with it or not. And of course, the audience’s reaction. If they like it, then you’re successful. Cause it’s them who’ll buy your record not the judges. In case of presentation, if there’s a person tells you that he/she can understand your presentation clearly although he/she doesn’t have background on it, then that’s all that matters. Cause, that’s what presentation is all about, to communicate your idea.

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