Changing Temperature

The hardest thing living in Germany for a tropical species like me is the weather! (See: Weather). But since I have lived here before, I thought I wouldn’t have much problem in dealing with the weather. Well, of course I am wrong…

In early December 2012, the snow started to fall all over Germany. Even the train schedule was collapsed due to the heavy snow. At that time I thought I would experienced a white Christmas. And I wondered how cold would it be in January.

Snow in early December
Picture was taken on Dec 2nd

But a week before Christmas, the snow was melted. No more snow at all! The temperature increased to 8 degrees Celsius! It was a shocking changing, from around minus 4 to 8! Suddenly it felt warm.

This 8 degree Celsius remained until New Year. But around 2 weeks after New Year, the temperature dropped again to minus and the snow started to fall again!!! This time the temperature even got colder than in December. It went to minus 8 degree Celsius!!!

Snow in mid January

Icy tree in mod January

My outfits from December era couldn’t sustain the cold anymore. I had to wear thicker gloves and more layers for wrapping myself warm. I even had to change my shoes because they couldn’t handle the wetness from the snow anymore. I had to dry them every night on the heater so I could wear them the next day. Until there was a point that my shoes were not dry enough and I had to buy new ones. Crazy!

My new shoes, for snowy environment
My old shoes can't handle the snow anymore

By the end of January, the snow melted again. This time it changed into raining and wind. I don’t know when it will last. Maybe the snow still comes again within the next weeks. One thing for sure, this changing temperature (and weather) costs people in buying outfits. What an expensive way of living!


Shae said...

Hey, apparently I'm going to Germany (Aachen) in this coming November. I still have NO clues what to wear for the winter. Have never been out of tropics apparently. Well, I was hoping you could give me some advice. I'm from Malaysia. Greetings! :D

asti said...

Halo Shae!

Thanks for asking. Well in Germany, jackets are the most important clothes. It seems that the Germans have different jackets for any centigrade temperatures. For winter i wear 3 layers of clothes, starting with 'thermo' underwear, thick shirt and pants, and winter jacket.

I suggest you buy them in Germany because there are a lot of options here and you can adjust with the trend. So just bring 1 set of winter clothes from Malaysia and enjoy the shopping time here;)