Smartphone Charger

I use Blackberry for my communication need. I use it because my family also uses it. So I won’t miss any news, gossips, or unimportant progress that happened in my family. It’s kind of peer pressure, actually. But hey, if you have five cute monsters as your nephews and nieces, you don’t want to miss any story about them also…!

I use Blackberry since 2011, since I was still in Indonesia. I brought it here and changed the SIM card. Everything else remains the same. However lately, I found problem whenever I want to charge my battery. The phone couldn’t be charged right away. I have to shake the cable in order to get charged. Sometimes I need about five minutes to shake the cable. And then I have to make sure that the cable stays still until the charging process ends. Otherwise, the battery doesn’t get recharged although it has been plugged in for the whole night.

In the beginning I thought it’s the battery that caused this problem. Until one time I realized that the cable of the charger had torn apart somehow. Then I realized, it’s the charger that caused the problem…

My Blackberry charger. Notice the torn cable.

So there I was, thinking that I need to buy a new Blackberry charger. But when I went to buy it, the original charger was sold out. There were only the ‘compatible’ ones available. They are sold in two parts: the USB data cable and the plug head. Total cost: 18,80! OMG, it’s not original but it’s expensive. How could that be… In Indonesia it costs probably around 5.00. But I didn’t have a choice; I needed it.

My new smartphone charger
So finally I got a new charger. I can charge my Blackberry without shaking the cable first or make sure it’s still charging every 15 minutes. But then, my brother reminded me that actually I could also charge my Blackberry in a computer!!! Aaaaarrrrggghhh… why he told me so late?!!!!


Ignatius Sapto Condro Atmawan Bisawarna said...

Charging pakai komputer biasanya lambat. Kalau BB banyak aplikasi gratisan, kecepatan isi batere bisa lebih lambat daripada kecepatan memakai listrik dari batere.

asti said...

Terima kasih Condro :)
Membuatku gak merasa rugi udh beli charger baru.