Aalborg, Denmark

Time of Visit: 28 – 31 December 2012

I visited Aalborg to visit my friend (see: Christmas Parties). He lives in a city center, literally! His apartment is among the main stores around Aalborg’s city center. He lives in a shared apartment with other young people, and every time people are just come and go to that place. I found it very nice because I got a chance to know new people everyday.
Fjord in Aalborg

Remaining of factories
And because of that reason, I don’t really go out much in Aalborg. But Aalborg itself it’s not a big city. The main attractions of Aalborg, such as castles and museums, can be reached within walking distance.  I think walking around the main attractions will only take half day.

My favorite is walking around the fjord in Aalborg. In the past, there were a lot of factories around. Nowadays since they all have been collapsed, they have to be shut down. By walking around we can see the remaining factory, the renovated factory for other purposes, the open public space in place where factory was, or completely new building. It’s like walking along the history line.
Part of city center

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