Christmas Parties

This year I am lucky enough to have three Christmas parties, two in Germany and one in Denmark.

Christmas Party with my Research Department
The first party I attended was with people in my research department. We celebrated it in a restaurant near our institution. Before the party, we agreed to play ‘Secret Santa’. Our names were written in a place, and then each person withdraws a name. The person who withdraws must give a gift to the person whose name is written. The maximum price for the gift is 10.

X Mas party with my research department
So during the party, we exchanged gifts. I got a nice pillow from Nicola. While my gift went to Dani, a six-pack of Indonesian instant noodles ‘Indomie’. We drank for a while there then we went to bigger Christmas party at the institution.

I got pillow
With Nicola, my secret Santa

My gift goes to Dani

Christmas Party at my Institution
On December 18th my research institution organized a Christmas party. All the researchers gathered together to eat, drink, and chat in Christmas spirit. The foods were self-provided and we had to collect some money to buy the drinks. The party was so nice, I ate a lot that made my stomach almost exploded…

X Mas at my institution

Christmas Party in Aalborg, Denmark
On December 28th I went to Denmark for a vacation. The first stop was Aalborg. I went there to visit my friend who I knew around two years before, when he surfed my couch in Berau.

My friend lives in a shared apartment with five other people. These people were just back from their own hometowns to celebrate Christmas. So when I came, it was time to celebrate Christmas among them.

I was so glad that I could be part of it. I can experience the Danish Christmas dinner, which consisted of a lot of fish! I felt like in heaven already! To honor my hosts, I cooked spicy fish soup for them.

Fish and bread, Danish X Mas dinner

Spicy fish soup, my contribution to the party

Danish X Mas dinner

What a nice experiences!

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