Back in Germany, or Bremen, to be specific, means that I have to readjust some things. Weather is of course the first thing to readjust. Luckily it’s entering spring time so the weather is not so extremely cold. Well it’s still less than half from my country’s temperature; but at least the depression wouldn’t be that extreme…

Also the transportation stuff. I have to readjust for scheduled route. I have to be on the bus or tram stop on time or else I have to wait for about 10 minutes to get the next one. This also means I have to calculate my walking so I know when exactly I should leave my room to catch particular tram or bus. A bit annoying sometime, because in my country, one can have many public transportation options although without schedule.

I also have to remember some places; like location or how to go there. I already getting lost in my first visit to the university. I have to go Studentenwerk (office for student apartments), and I completely forgot where the building is. I remember that I have to go to 2nd floor, but I can’t remember which building that I have to enter. In the end, I have to ask people for it. I really have to refresh my memory.

Other thing is readjusting to the people. I am not sure whether this can be called as readjustment because actually what I meant is some of my friends are not in Bremen anymore; and I have to face the reality that I can’t see them on a regular basis as before. This is really matters because I live in foreign country where I don’t really know many people; so counting your friend is important.

But people come and go. I also got new friends even when I haven’t arrived in Bremen yet. I have 3 new friends due to this blog. Two of them are foreign students who (at that time) plan to study in Bremen. So when they browse about Bremen, they find my blog and find it useful. So I guess I shouldn’t be sad cause I am also part of the cycle: sometimes I come and sometimes I go.

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