It’sIt’s Official Now. I’ll Fly at 26th of March to Germany.

Actually I only allowed having a field research for 6 months i.e. from September to February. However, since I got Malaria during my field research; I am allowed to have one month extension.

During my extension period, means March, I join an excursion led by my research supervisor. For this, I never regret that I got Malaria. The excursion was held for 9 days. With total participants around 30 people (including the boat crews); we visit 4 islands in Spermonde archipelago using big sailing boat or called Phinisi in Indonesian language.

And of course after 9 days together, we become close to each other. We share stories, works, and most important thing: laughs! The participants come from various backgrounds: students and lecturers from anthropology, marine science, fishery, politics, and communication; documentary film makers; social scientists; natural scientists; and journalist. So imagine, we all learn each other’s background and interest. But for sure we all have one similar interest: marine affairs.

This excursion really set a nice ending of my field research work. And after 7 months staying in my home country, surely it’s not easy for me to go back to Germany. Everything is different now. When I went to Germany before, I am all excited and curious. But now since I can compare Germany and Indonesia, I have to adjust my mood for going back.

Don’t take it wrong. I don’t hate Germany; and there’re many things or situations that I think are way better than in Indonesia. But home is home; especially if you have many friends, families and relatives who love you.

I guess now all I have to do is thinking about nice things in Germany. Also, I have to remind myself that this is only a part of my life journey; and all the supports from my loved ones will give me strength to face everything. So Germany, here I come again.

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Ivana said...

Heyyyyy!!! Where are you!!??!?! Back to Luisental!??!?!?! I am still following your blog... and I really hope to say wellcome!!!