My Old Bank Account

When I left Germany in 2009, I kept my bank account open.  At that time I thought I would be back in Germany and when the time comes, I already have a bank account so I don’t have to open a new one.  I even left some money there so my account couldn’t be closed (in Indonesia, inactive bank account for 6 months with amount of below ≤ €5 will be closed automatically).

So when I am back now, that’s exactly what I will do.  I will just ask a new ATM card because my old one is only valid until 2010.  But of course it never goes as I planned.  When I first came to my bank, I was told that I have to provide a copy of my registered address before I could get the card.  Fine, that makes sense.  Beside, the registration of address is part of the administration work that I have to do anyway.

So after two weeks of waiting, finally I got my registered address.  I took this document to the bank to show it.  I told the lady at the customer service that I have a new address and I want a new card.  She processed my request and said that it’ll be done in two weeks.

And as you may have guessed it, nothing happened after two weeks.  So I came again to my bank.  This time I talked to different lady.  Apparently the other lady only submitted my new address without requesting a new card!  OMG!  Seriously?!

And then this lady processed my request again.  She said that my card should come within a week, and if nothing happened I should come again…  At this point, I was thinking to open a new account in different bank.  Because all my friends who just open a new account got their card and everything within a week.  Why should an old customer like me getting longer time?  My saving is even amounted almost half than three years ago, and this is what they do to me?  [Sigh!]  My roommate who also apply for a credit card, even get her credit card twice!  Very effective arrangement, eh…

Fortunately, within a week I got my new ATM card.  Phew, finally!
My new ATM card

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