Finally… I have finished writing my thesis and have submitted it! Pheew… what a relieve! I have started my writing from May; and although I have finished my first draft on mid-June but still I have to revise many things. Even 2 days before the deadline, I still received a last-minute correction from 1 of my supervisors.

I have 3 supervisors; while normally there’re only 2. In the beginning they said that they won’t confuse me, but uhm, theory is different than the practice. I found myself confused in incorporating all the inputs and suggestions. There’re period when I just read my thesis back and forth without knowing what to improve.

To add my suffering, my laptop even got struck by a virus! It worked so slowly. I have no idea how this could happened as I have my (free) anti virus. I ended up downloading any free anti viruses that I can found from internet. This strategy worked. My laptop can perform normal again. However, sometimes it turns off by itself!

Another thing… when I try to burn a DVD, my DVD driver didn’t work! For this, I stayed awake until 3AM trying to figure it out. I uninstalled the software then install it again; God knows how many times. But still it can’t work. In the end, I had to burn my DVDs at my friend’s laptop!

Not to mention all the sleepless nights and had to stay inside during nice weather… But those are over! I have finished and submitted my thesis!!!! Now it’s time to relax and start to rearrange everything; especially anything related to my departure to my home country. Yep, I won’t extend my stay in Germany as there’re no suitable PhD positions now. But for sure I won’t burry my dream to pursue the PhD. So who knows, maybe after awhile I’ll be back to Germany again J

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