After Thesis Submission Party

After we (me and my classmates) submitted our thesis on the deadline day, we are having a party. This is to celebrate our freedom. Finally, we are free from reading numerous literatures, comparing and analyzing our data to literatures, and being confused by supervisors’ inputs.

Furthermore, we were always together in our first year of study, but then we went separate ways in the second year. So, hearing updates from the classmates has become part of our life. We’re a big family; we need to stay in contact one another. That’s why the party is important for us.

Of all 19 people, only one person has a secured PhD position. One person has a baby and will get married in the next spring. The rest are having some options where nothing has really settled. I am included in this part. I still look for opportunities to stay longer in Germany or Europe. However, if I don’t have it until September, I’ll go home and looking for a job there. It’s so interesting to see that most of us have a blurred future now but probably by the end of the year, everyone will have something secured in his or her hands.

Well, what’s the best way to think about your blurred future? Party, of course!

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