No More Drama

Today, December 22th, I try my luck to submit my visa application. Perhaps due to holiday mood, the aura in German Embassy is different; not so tensed as usual.

In German Embassy, there are 2 document screening process. First, after we have security check, then we have to submit our document to be checked. If our documents are not sufficient, then we can't proceed. But if it is sufficient, then we can proceed our visa application at the 2nd floor.

This time, I was questioned by the first doc screening officer about my background story. But she doesn't question me much. She just re-arrange my documents and told me to proceed to 2nd floor.

When I came in September, the same officer questions me much. Especially about my insurance. See, I guess the holiday mood has changed everybody ;)

Then in 2nd floor, I have to queue. And at that time, there's one person who really has a problem with her application. She handed in her application and got interviewed. Then she's told to wait. Then she's called again because her application isn't correct and she's told to correct it. Then she has to wait again, and then she's been called again...

In this day, from 4 lockets available, only 2 are open. Perhaps the other 2 are already on leave. So when I (and other people) saw that girl with that complicated process, I wonder when can I get my turn. Many people start getting anxious.

But then, after that girl, everything seems going perfectly. And when my turn comes, the officer really didn't ask me anything. she just check my documents and didn't ask about my background story. Yes right, she didn't ask. She just told me to sit down and wait. And some minutes later, I was told to sign a paper and give my contact number. And the only question she asked is whether I will continue to PhD or not. I said I am open for any options. And that's all.

Next thing, I have to pick my visa at January 2nd. Thank God, no more drama!!!!

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Ivana said...

Hallo!!!! Nice to know everything is ok with your Visa! When you'll be back to Luisental (or Bremen?)??? Keep in touch!!! Ivana