Visa Extension

Although I have 2 years Master program and full scholarship for that, but somehow the installment of the fund is given annually. And this scheme is affecting the visa application. My visa in Germany is only valid for 1 year and I have to extend it for the second year after the second fund installment is approved.

My current visa is valid until September 30th 2008. But since I plan to conduct my research starting September in my home country, so I thought I should extend my visa before I leave Germany.

So there I am, acting as a high-aware citizen with complete documents, try to extend my visa. But then, what do I got? The officer there tells me that I am too early in applying for visa extension. What??!!

He said that I am only eligible to extend it starting September 17th!!! I try to argue, saying that I have to leave at August 31st, but he just apologizes that he can do nothing. This is such a lightning strike to me cause I imagine it will be difficult to extend the visa in German Embassy in Jakarta. Even to enter the building, it’s so difficult as it has layers of security check. Beside, I will need to concentrate to my research that’s far from my hometown, so surely this visa extension problem is really not a good news for me. But as an Indonesian, I try my best in bargaining everything. I ask the officer to make me a reference letter to the embassy, saying that there’s no problem in my visa extension application; it’s just submitted too early. Fortunately, he agrees. So at least I won’t be interrogated much about it in the embassy.

My case is a rare case somehow; so I contact DAAD Jakarta to inform it. But after a week, I still got no reply at all. This surely makes me wondering. Why they don’t reply? Is it because my case is not so important? I don’t know. But somehow I feel that something wrong has happened. It can’t be like this. So then I come up with brilliant idea to check my spam box. And after searching for awhile, there it is! I find a reply from DAAD Jakarta. The mail says that to extend my visa I have to submit the evidence of 2nd fund installment. Well this is easy, I have it. But there’s also another letter that I have to submit. It’s a reference letter from my Master program that says that I am registered there and will finish my study until certain time! Now, this, I don’t have. To have this, I have to ask the secretariat of my Master program. And to add more drama, I only have 1 day left to get it!!!

Life is a drama, sure! So I email the secretariat and tell about my story. That happens in the afternoon. And in the next day, I come to the secretariat office to pick it up. Nice…! Oh God; and all of these happened just because I try to become a good citizen…


Bigbee said...


Many Would have faced the same. Anyways what happened now? U got it in Jakarta ? or in Bremen. I am also studying in germany.

asti said...

Thx for leaving me a message.
I still haven't try it again. I have to work on my research at other city now until December. I'll try it again then. So which city do u live in Germany?

smiertx bani ikhyar ............... said...


mba asti, klo mau perpanjang visa schengen untuk 20 hari bisa ga ya ?
kemana saya bisa apply perpanjangan visa ini, kebetulan saya sudah di berlin.


asti said...


Bisa aja lah asal persyaratannya lengkap terutama soal jaminan finansial. Tp persyaratan buat pelajar jelas beda sama pencari kerja atau yg mau menikah. Utk hal ini saya kurang tahu detilnya.

Pengurusan biasanya dilakukan di Stadtamt masing2 kota. Ini kayak kantor Pemda gitu.

Semoga sukses!

nur said...

mbak asti, pernah perpanjang visa pelajar jadi visa pencari kerja? susah ga apply nya?

asti said...

Belum pernah. Tetapi syaratnya mudah kok, hanya copy & legalisir ijazah dan copy rekening bank. Jumlah uang yg hrs ada di rekening berbeda di tiap negara bagian. Jd hrs cari tau dulu.

Anonymous said...

I got DAAD scholarship. Now it is going to finished. Can I extend my visa for one year?

asti said...

Yes, as a German graduate u r allowed to extend a one-year visa. The requirements are copy of your certificate and bank account.

Madeeha said...

Hello, I want to extend my study visa for one or more years, do you know how much amount of bank statement I need to show? Many Thanks! :)

asti said...

Hi Madeeha!

Every country has its own policy about the amount in bank statement. In Bremen 2009, it required E 7,000. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madeeha and Asti,

This is another DAAD Stipendiat.

I was wondering about the insurance requirements to extend my visa after graduation. As you know, DAAD will stop paying for my insurance as soon as I graduate.

I'd like to buy the cheapest insurance because I'm planning to go back to my homecountry for a couple of months before actually starting looking for a job in Germany.

I've been told that I can only extend my visa in Germany. Then, I need a one-year insurance. What are your experiences and what do you recommend?


asti said...

Hallo DAAD Stipentiat!

If am not mistaken, there's an insurance called 'Continental' which has simple requirements. This insurance is used by many students who extend their visa after graduate.

Unfortunately I don't have any contact anymore. Maybe you can just google it. Viel glueck :)

Anonymous said...


i'm wondering about visa extension for two years.
here is my situation , i have been transfer amount of 8040euro to my account in Deutsche bank and unable to get loan for second year.
so for visa extension for first year i'm gonna show blocked amount and for second year, could i show affidavit of sponsor and manage to compensate my expenses through part time job? i'm going tu dortmund.

please reply. I'm waiting.....

asti said...

Hi! I hope my reply isn't too late but I was busy for the last whole week...

Anyway I never heard that there's an extension for two-year at once. So I think your plan might work, just show your current balance for 1 year extension.

Good luck! :)

Ratu said...

you said that every bundesland has their own policy about the amount of bank statement. In your case, In bremen you have to show 7000 Euro.
And where can i get the information about the policy of bank statement in every bundesland? i think it's not available in their websites.

thank you :)

asti said...

Hi Ratu!

Thanks for your question. You can check it in each stadtamt. In the case of Bremen, I can check it online.

Hope it helps. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I have a question ,
Iam studying in a university in berlin and i have a visa for 5 months and I would like to know if I can extend my visa by having a deutsch course and how long can it extend it as I would like to search for internship
Thanks in advance

asti said...

I think you can extend your visa as long as you have the evidence of your course period. For example: the receipt of payment for German course for 6 months. Hope that it helps. Good luck!

Game World said...

Hii hope your are doing fine. I' a master student from Jena, Germany. I am also in the same situation as you were earlier.

But I am travelling to U.S.A. this month.
My visa ends by september 2013,

So it won't be a problem rite for extending it form outside germany?

And I just have to get a letter from my masters program that I am still a student at the university and have to show them the necessary bank documents ?

The above two things if I show that's more than enough to do the extensiopn rite ?

It would be a great help if you reply me, so that I will plan by travel plans according to it.

Thanking you


asti said...

Hi Ragunanth!

Thx for your questions. Yeah, I think it shouldn't be a problem. And yes, the 2 things you mentioned are right.

Good luck!

diana leonita said...

halo mba asti,

aku mau cerita n minta pendapat atau saran atau apapun yg mba tau deh,,

jadi gini,,

aku dapet visa tgl 13 maret, jd aku pikir habisnya tgl 13 juni, teryata 90 hari itu tgl 10 juni

seketika aku sadar, aku telat dan emang kesaahanku krn lalai utk extend (jgn dimarahin plis)aku segera daftar termin dan baru dapet tgl 27 juni,
telt bgt kann yah,,,

nah gmn yah itu kira2?
aku takut bgt nih,
aku tgl 16juli aku angkat kaki dr german, harus pulang ke indo,

mohon pencerahan..

asti said...

Halo Diana!

Trims atas pertanyaannya, tp aku belum pernah ngalamin spt itu. Tp menurutku, logikanya sih gpp asal kamu jelasin pas ditanya. Paling2 dibilangin kalo lain kali gak boleh diulangin lg.

Kudoain d semoga lancar2 aja...

khurram said...

Hello Asti,
I am doing masters and now its my 3rd semester.In 4th semester I have to write thesis but I am thinking to have a break of six months before writing thesis.I want to write it on WS 2014 which will start in September 2014 but my visa will expire during that time.As for as I know if I take break at that time I am not enrolled in my university.Do you have any idea then how can I extend my visa?
Best Regards

asti said...

Hi Khurram!

I never encounter such issue like yours. I guess as long as you still have an insurance that covers you along the break time, then you just have to pay the administration fee.

Lady Hitomi said...

Hallo mba Asti,
Aku mau nanya ttg perpanjangan visa.
Jadi tgl 29 besok itu Aku sudah selesai les b1 jermannya.
Dan Aku dapet termin perpanjang visa itu tgl 11 Desember.
Kemarin itu temenku ada yang kejadian, dia ga bisa perpanjang visa gr2 di bescheinigung dia kan level b1 nya sudah selesai tgl 29 besok.
Jadinya sebaiknya gimana ya?
Ada Saran?

asti said...

Halo Lady Hitomi!
Maaf baru bisa nanggepin... Aku lg penelitian lapangan, akses internet minim :(
Gimana perkembangan visanya? Harusnya sih selama kamu masih terdaftar di tempat kursus, kamu bisa perpanjang visa. Sekali lg maaf ya, baru bs nanggepin...

Khurram said...

I hope you will be doing well.I would like to ask you can you guide me is there any financial requirement for visa extension?

asti said...

Hello Khurram!
It depends on your work. If you are a student or looking for a job, then you need some financial security. If am not mistaken, it's around 7,000 euro.

But if you are working already, you just have to show your working contract where it states about your salary.

Hope it helps.

Fed up of Doucheland said...


Can you tell all the process for extending the Visa.The person who is responsbile for is totally irresponsible and moron who doesn't say anything and is sitting on it,thereby making me a virtual prisoner.

How do you know that the Visa process has started or not?

asti said...

Hi there! Nice nickname ;)

The thing about Germany is, they describe everything in written form. So for their standard, everything is clearly written and everybody should understand it. If one doesn't understand it, there's something wrong with one's intelligence.

So read again, it may be there in your visa application form. Normally the process will take 3 weeks and you will get notification letter or email. If you don't hear anything after 3 weeks, come back to the visa office to ask.

Good luck!

Rara said...

Hallo Mbak Asti,

Wah, senang sekali saya ketemu blog nya Mbak.

Saya ada pertanyaan yang kurang lebih sama.

Saya ingin memperpanjang Visa untuk kebutuhan Master Thesis saya yang mau tidak mau harus lebih beberapa bulan dari yang ditetapkan period Aufenthalt dari DAAD, yaitu September 2014.

Karena kesalahan sistem informasi Uni, saya terpaksa masih harus menulis Prüfung pada masa lewat dari Aufenthalt, yakni November 2014.

Kalau saya perpanjang Visa untuk urusan Prüfung dan Thesis, kan hitungannya kuliah saya belum selesai, bukan hanya tinggal selesaikan thesis, apakah hal ini dibolehkan saat kita perpanjang Visa di Ausländerbehörde / German Botschaft di sini dengan 8000 euro atau kontrak kerja?

Terima kasih sebelumnya Mbak Asti... :)

asti said...

Halo Rara!

Menurutku sih asal kamu ada bukti bahwa kamu harus memperpanjang masa studi, perpanjangan visa dibolehkan. Toh asuransi yang disediakan DAAD biasanya 3 bulan lebih panjang dari masa studi yang seharusnya.

Semoga sukses!

Anonymous said...

Mbak, nanya donk soal perpanjang visa. winter semester 14/15 ini saya rencana selesai master. Setelah dapat info soal job seeking visa, bagi lulusan jerman dpt 18bulan untuk cari kerja namun sayangnya sambil menunggu tidak bisa kerja part time. Kira-kira bisa ga ya daripada apply visa tersebut, saya kuliah master lagi atau daftar kursus bahasa jerman untuk perpanjang visa ? (kebetulan master saya dlm bhs Inggris, jadi saya tidak bisa bahasa jerman sama sekali. Salam

asti said...

Halo yang mau lulus!

Ya bisa-bisa aja, asal bisa nunjukin punya deposito 8.000 euro di tabungan. Tapi menurutku sih, lebih baik punya visa pencari kerja drpd visa studi. Keunggulannya lebih banyak. Kalo visa cari kerja, kamu bisa aja tetap kursus. Tp kalau pake visa studi, kamu gak bisa kerja tetap hanya bisa part time. Jadi ya tergantung prioritasmu.

fresh said...

Which city in germany is best for part time job while studying?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Asti,

I would like to know that I am doing internship in Bremen and now need to extend my visa how much euros I have in my account? as my internship ends in October and I need to extend my visa in September?

asti said...

Hi Mimi!

Is the internship means you got paid by a German organization? If so, then you just have to show your contract.

If not, If am not mistaken for the current status, you got to have 7,000 euro in your account.

Good luck!

asti said...

Hi Fresh!

I think it's better to have any kind of part time job in the same city that you are studying. It will safe your time and energy.

Good luck!

hammad amjad said...

sir i am planning to do my bachelors in germany tis year..can i do my masters in germany after bachelors will they extend my stay?

asti said...

Hi Hammad!

As long as u can show that u hv money to support ur life, then no problem

Anonymous said...

Hi Asti,

You are doing great job by clarifying doubts of many students regarding VISA extension. I am one among these students. Any help would be appreciated.

I am a student doing internship whose contract ends on 31.04.2015 (4 days to go). I am planning for an extension of 3 more months. However, my VISA expires on 17.06.2015. My company agreed but they are asking to get the VISA extension first. So I don’t get the contract until I get extension.


Hence my current situation is, neither I have sufficient amount (i.e. 8000 Euros in Erlangen) in my account nor contract from the company to get the VISA extension.


1. Is there any way to get VISA extension now? If so, how?
2. Can I get temporary extension?. if yes, then for at least how many months I get temporary extension?

Thanks in advance. look forward to your reply.

asti said...

Halo there!

I don't think you can get extension now. The immigration office wouldn't give extension months ahead. In your case, I think, they would give it in June.

I don't know what kind of company that you work on, but your company should give you contract so you can get visa extension, not the other way around. Am sorry, but if that company can't do it, I guess it's not worth to work there.

Hope you get your solution soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asti, it seems you now a lot about visa :D !

I am Mexican and i have a current visa (type D) for my current mandatory internship and it expires at the end of the year, same as my internship. But i just got another voluntary internship starting on the 1st of February. Do you know if it is possible to extend my visa, and if so, where? I already have the signed contract from the company. Thanks for your help

asti said...

Of course it's possible as long as you meet the requirements especially the financial support. Just go to the Stadtamt and good luck!