Another Episode of Visa Drama

Ok, now I am in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia which is also my hometown. I’ll use this opportunity in extending my visa because German Embassy is here. I want this issue being settled so I can go to my field research without any burden.

So there I go, to the Embassy with all the documents that I have to submit which are consisting of documents needed for applying a new visa. If I can extend it in Bremen, it only requires my scholarship document and insurance. See the difference?

There are layers of examination there. Not only for security, but before you can enter the visa administration office, there’ll be someone who checks your documents. If your documents are less complete, then you can’t enter the office.

I think I wait about 45 minutes before I meet this document check section. And of course I feel nervous when I face this section, afraid that my documents are not enough. Fortunately, I can go through. Then I enter the visa office and of course I have to wait again until I get my turn.

I think, once you get inside the office then there’s no chance that your application will be rejected. But apparently I am wrong! Because mine is :( Soon after the officer finds out that I will fly back to Germany in February, she said it’s not possible to process my application now. If I want to process it, at least I have to come as early as November!!!

Oh well, I guess I still can’t end this drama now. There’s still another episode waiting; I hope it’ll be only one more left. But what makes me irritated, now I have to juggle my time between research and this visa application; especially in arranging the travel schedule. Argh! And this is what I got for trying to become a good citizen… :( :( :(

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