Fermented Fruits

This is another food shock for me. After some times, I realized that when I buy peeled fruits, they can’t stay long. Of course! However, they will become fermented, or in other word, contains alcohol. I have the experiences with watermelon, melon, and pineapple. At first I didn’t really pay attention of it. But then I start trying to remember with the same fruits in my country. I really can’t recall that I ever had fermented watermelon, melon, and pineapple. If I leave them for some days, they will become dry and rotten; but surely not fermented. The only fruits that I know will become fermented naturally (well as far as I can remember) are durian and jackfruit. Nothing else.

So now I am aware that something is wrong with the fruits here. And surprisingly, when I talk to my friend about this, he also has the same experience. It’s even weirder, he has experience with fermented banana!!! That’s it… I am really sure that banana doesn’t get fermented naturally. Strange… what do these Germans put on their fruits?

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