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This article is written due to a question from Ivanna in Brazil who wants to live in Bremen.

In general, clothes in Germany are expensive for developing country people’s point of view. It makes sense because most of the clothes these days are made in developing countries.

To get branded clothes with cheaper price, we have to wait until the season is almost over or even totally over. So if we want to buy cheaper winter clothes, then we have to buy it in spring or summer and vice versa.

But mostly, the sale period for these off season clothes is only happened in a short time. To get the off season clothes forever or without considering the time, there are so called factory outlets. In these places, all off season clothes are pooled together in cheaper price. So if you don’t really care of the current trend, factory outlets are the best place in looking for cheaper branded clothes. Of course not every brand has its own factory outlet. But in Bremen, some of the major brand has it; for example: Esprit, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Jack Wolfskin, St. Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, etc. However, in my opinion, it’s only Esprit that has a very significant cheaper price. For other brands, yes they sell it cheaper but somehow it’s still expensive.

The Factory Outlets haven in Bremen is located slightly outside Bremen, called Brinkum. There, we can find the outlets for clothes, shoes, home decoration and design, and also IKEA.

There’re 2 warnings in going to this area. First, since it’s outside Bremen, so for regular traveler, we need to pay additional ticket for the bus. The daily ticket isn’t covering this area. But if we have semester ticket (student ticket) then it’s not a problem. Second, just be prepare, you’ll loose your money easily as you’ll spend a lot!

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Ivana said...

Asti!!!! Tks a lot!!!! You are really the best one :D My boyfrien is also reading your blog and we showed the smal video about the room for some friends!!! The tips about clothes are perfect!!!! I found a big sale here, in Brazil, and bought some winter clothes... Here, in south, we have some cold days (5 to 10 degrees) if you compare to the rest of the country! But I have your blog at my favorites!!! :D Tks, tks, tks!!!! And have a nice trip back home!!! I'll wait you next spring in Bremen! :D