Tram – during city festival

I experienced this twice. Whenever there’s a festival going on in the city, be careful, you might end up walking home!

Of course this doesn’t mean that German authority (or Bremen in my case) ignores you; but during festivals, the tram will be full although additional tram will be provided.

In my first experience, there’s Christian religious festival in Bremen with young people come from all over Germany. The trams are so full and even don’t want to take more passengers! In the end, I have to walk halfway home before finally I can get the not-so-full tram.

Another experience, during European Cup. Whenever Germany wins, the road will be blocked by people having party! Since trams can only run in their line, it’s better to take bus as far as you can before you continue your travel on foot, or if you were lucky, catch the tram.

But my most embarrassing moment is when I have to go home by tram after the European Cup final. Here’s the story:

“It was almost midnight and me and my friends have to catch the last tram; or else we have to wait for the night bus which will come 30 minutes mater. But apparently, so do many people! So when the tram comes, people just rush to go in. They even pushed each other to fit in. This situation reminds me of the situation around end of Ramadan (Indonesian: Lebaran) where many people will travel home.

I am also getting pushed inside. But the suffering doesn’t stop inside. People still pushing each other and I can’t balance myself; I can’t stand up straight. In the end, and this is the most embarrassing part, I end up sitting on a guy’s lap!!! Yeah true, I didn’t do it intentionally!

So for the whole trip to home, I just sit on his lap! Apparently most of the passengers are also students who live in the student apartments nearby my place. Of course I apologize to the guy and told him I don’t have any choice. And of course he said that he understands and doesn’t mind. He looks cool; he even looks so young, my guess probably high school student. But his friend looks surprised. His friend seems can’t hide his smile whenever he sees us! Oh well, whatever… “

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