Entering the summer, I thought I’ll swim a lot. However, apparently I found a new ‘old interest’ in sport activities: football. Yes, now I am playing football also.

Somehow, it’s not a new activity for me. Since I grew up with boys, I used to play football with my brothers. But that was so long time ago, probably the latest was when I was in elementary school. And as far as I can remember, we played it with tennis ball in our house terrace with an open door as a goal. Not much that I can remember about how we play except we always end up kicking each other leg to get the ball.

So somehow, playing football isn’t a new thing for me. I joined my high school football club only to find out that no other girls want to become a player like me. In the end, I never play (serious) football at all…

And now, I don’t know why, but my friends just trust me to play football with them. At first we start it just for fun, some girls are also joining. The looser has to buy ice creams for the winners. In this game, I play as an Italian striker; which mean, only to wait in front of the opposite’s goal to score. And although I can score hattrick, but my team still lost.

Since we all have a good time in playing it, we promise to play it more often. But then, apparently I become the only girl who never absent. My friends even insist me to always join a game although I feel like I don’t wear a proper outfit. They use to have me in a game now.

So, after some games, I switch my position into goalkeeper. This is because I can’t outrun the guys and most of the time I keep loosing the ball. Apparently, my decision is quite right. I become a not-so-bad goalkeeper. I can save my goal most of the time. Well, of course don’t think that the goal is as big as normal goal. It’s just 2 posts with maximum 8 steps distance. But I am also not allowed to touch the ball, I have to use my feet to stop the ball. Surely, my friends are challenged to overcome me.

And just because I am the only girl in there, it doesn’t mean the guys will be gentle on me. My legs always end up in black and blue after a game. I also even got hit by a ball on my face. But the worst accidents so far are twice. First, my friend kicks the ball so hard and it lands on my stomach! Don’t ask how it feels, it was so bad!!! But surprisingly, in less than 5 minutes, I feel OK again! Hmm, maybe later on in the future I could have problem in my womb. Well, let’s not hope so… Second time, once we play nears the lake; then 3 young boys come and ask to join. They are probably 8 to 10 years old. We let them join; and probably they are just being Germans, they play well!!! One boy plays as striker for my opponent, and once he gets the ball, he’s so dangerous. He can’t score because I always able to block his shots. But there is one time when he kicks so hard in an open range, face to face with me, and I block it with my right leg. That shot cause my leg goes blue in pain for a week!!! Very nice :(

Now is almost August, I still have a month in Germany before going back to my country for research. I am sure I’ll play more football especially I don’t have any class or exam anymore. The only bad thing is that I don’t have proper documentation for this. This video and picture are the best that I have so far because at that time my friend was injured and he can hold my camera for awhile.

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