Another German Wedding

This is the 2nd time I am invited to a German wedding. But probably this is not so German as my friend, the groom, is half German half Algerian. He is married to an Indonesian girl.

The wedding is in Hatersheim, suburb of Frankfurt am Main (FFM). I arrived there at midnight just before the wedding next day. Apparently, at that time the reception hall hasn’t been decorated at all!!!! So I have to spend my night helping the soon-to-be-newlywed decorating the reception hall.

This surely will never happen in Indonesia. The bride and groom are like the king and queen. They are not allowed to work. They only have to pamper themselves. And I even remember in my sister wedding preparation, the wedding decorators arrived at night; and by the time I woke up in the morning, everything is settled.

The wedding legalization process is held in the city council office, or something like that. There’s small reception after that for awhile. Then, we all come home (as me and some others are staying at the groom’s house) for waiting and preparing for the wedding reception.

After the wedding ceremony

The reception party started at 4PM. There’re about 50 people coming; and for German wedding measurement, this is a medium size party. It’s very different to Indonesian wedding. 100 people are only the family!!! The room looks empty as it probably suits for 150-200 persons. The foods are consisting of Algerian and Indonesian. Yummy!!!

The party lasts until midnight after dancing, karaoke singing, and Algerian traditional ceremony.

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What a beautiful and loving couple!