Like in everywhere, German clubs and discotheques always create parties to attract people in visiting their places. And to advertise the parties, they usually made posters and leaflets to be distributed in public places.

The advertisements always have pictures of sexy girls. When I saw 2 to 3 leaflets in my post box, I thought German clubs and discos are really serious in organizing the parties. They pay models to pose for the advertisements, design it, and then print it. Imagine if they have to make the party every week. How do they manage it cause photo shoot takes time and then you have to select the picture from, maybe, hundreds of them. And then again doing the lay out before finally it is printed. Wooow!!! These guys are really hard worker and this is really a serious industry!

Until one time, a friend of mine saw one of the posters and said that he’s the fan of the girl in the picture!!! And I thought, how come he knows German models while he’s just a new foreigner like me. And that’s the first moment where I learn that the pictures in the advertisements are just pictures taken from the internet!! The girl that he meant in the particular poster is a Hollywood actress. He even showed me in google the actress’ name and find the exact picture that used for the poster!!!

Woooow….!! And I thought Germany is well developed country where they respect such a copy right issues or stuffs. In this case, there’s no difference than in Indonesia then!

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