It’s not easy to watch movies in Germany if you don’t understand German language as all (Hollywood) movies are dubbed in German. Although the voice over in the dubbed movie is nearly the same as the original, but sometime the translation can’t be fit to the original. Especially if it’s a comedy movie. So you might find that it’s not funny at all.

If you want to watch the English version or original version movie, you have to pay attention on the schedule. Once or twice a week these movies have a chance to be showed. Just look on the schedule and try to find the OV (Original Version) code. Usually these movies only played 1 particular time per week so, not the whole day they will be played.

However, not all original Hollywood movies have a chance to be showed in the original version. Only blockbuster movies will have this chance and usually it showed about 3 weeks after the dubbed version first launched. So yes, you have to be really patient and of course also wondering why the original version that is ready to be played should wait for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha,
Setuju, Mba. Film komedi bisa jd ga lucu lg kalau di übersetzt ke bahasa Jerman.
Nyebelinnya, OV lebih mahal dari pada yg di interpreted ke bhs Jerman dan engga di semua kota ada. :(