Moving in to New Apartment

So finally… I moved in to my new apartment in Bremen on October 1st.  As I mentioned before, this apartment isn’t ideal but I really didn’t have a choice.  But maybe in a different perspective: I am destined to have this apartment.

The furniture provided are old and far from classy.  Just take a look at the pictures.  The cabinet reminded me of something from my grandparent’s house.  It even doesn’t have a handle anymore!  The mattress is hard.  Up until now, I still wake up with a few sore on my body. 

My old-fashioned and hard bed
The cabinet reminds me of my grandparent's furniture
Stiff desk and chair
Furthermore, the cleanliness of the room was below my standard.  There were spider webs and dust everywhere.  If one walk in the room without shoes or slippers, one can feel the dust stick on the feet.  I asked the caretaker to clean first before I moved in.  But I said that when I was in the kitchen, so he only cleaned up the kitchen!  Even that, it was still beyond my standard!  See, I really don’t have a choice!!!

So yeah, starting from that day, I was busy in making up my apartment.  Not just buying some things but also cleaning up part by part.  Even to clean it, I have to buy all the broom, brush, cleaning cream, etc.  And this happened between my registration activities in campus, so I felt like I always went home to an awful place.  Fortunately, on Friday, I had a free time.  So I can concentrate to just cleaning my apartment.  I spent 8 hours to clean to make it comfortable for me.  Take a look at the pictures to see the differences.  If you don’t see any differences, well at least I feel comfortable to live in there now…

My bed after a makeover
My kitchen after a makeover
My bathroom after a makeover

Panorama of my room from bed side
Panorama of my room from door side


Jeanne Ireland said...

I think you did a great job making it much more liveable and clean. You have added color to the space and that is a great first step in making an empty space a home. I admire your spunk.

asti said...

Thank you Jeanne :)

Der Jacu said...

I'm happy to see that you're more confortable with your own place now ;).

The old furniture is understandable, but that the room was not clean is totally nicht in Ordnung...


asti said...

Hi Der Jacu!
Thanks for your concern. I know it's not nice but at least now alles in Ordnung #trytolookatbrighterside. How's your apartment there?