Lift sharers (part 2)

Finally I have a chance to travel using this service. It surely the cheapest and most compromise way to travel, so it’s worth to try. If you live in big cities like Frankfurt, Köln, Munich, etc, you will get more chances in traveling by using this service. But if you live in a small city like Bremen, your chances are limited.

When I use this service, I travel from Bremen – Frankfurt – Munich – Stuttgart – Frankfurt – Bremen. For my first trip i.e. Bremen to Frankfurt, I can’t find anyone that travel in my wanted date so I have to take a train. This also happened when I try to travel back from Stuttgart to Bremen. Nobody available at that time so I have to go back to Frankfurt and continue my journey by train.

In the part 1, I have explained about the procedure of traveling using this service. In practice, after you find the list of travelers that go at the wanted date, you have to confirm it at least with 2 of them. This is to avoid any inconvenient that might happen such as the traveler cancelled the trip or change into another time. So, it is better that you are the one who cancelled 1 of the confirmed trips.

Just like any other travel, sometime you can meet friendly people and sometime you just meet people that don’t match to have conversation with. Well, don’t be depressed if you can’t make any interesting conversation with your travel mates. Just enjoy the view or fall asleep like any other travel. At least you don’t have to pay much for it.

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